One of Sjælsø’s goals is to develop products based on old material in the form of wood, metal etc. We believe in recycling and therefore prefer to use scrap material or waste from other products when making new products.


When we use the phrase recycling or recycled products, we mean furniture and interior made of recycled material in the form of beautiful old wood or iron or metals from busses, old water tanks etc. Many of our furniture and interior of own design are made of recycled material – from benches to stools, trays, boxes, and wall racks.


We love old wood. It has the right look as it has been aged by time and weather. By using this type of wood, we get incredible products that look old and original.  



Our furniture and interior products are made on smaller workshops in India. Much is made by hand by skilled craftsmen – a skill that has been passed on from one generation to another. One example is our beautiful wooden boxes. The wood is found and selected, cut, welded, and assembled into the final product Each product has been through many hands before they land in our warehouse here in Denmark.